Some of our Longest Standing Gilwellians in attendance 2013
Getting Dressed 
OK, Rain or Shine, We're Ready

We'll Meet you, we'll greet you and we'll tell you where to go
After all, that's our JOB at Parking  ...and we're having a WHALE of a time doing it.
Attendance 1019
Speeches and ceremonies are held in front of the Keke as usual
Promoting the Next World Jamboree
Try out your "Craftiness"

that Scouters 
"Walk on Water"
Saw Logs
Or Have a REST
or become a Big Winner
Have a Bite
Take in the sights 
Play some of the many Games on offer
Visit with old friends and make new ones.
Take a Breather
Meet the Meerkat
Or just stroll the fields to collect ideas .. as usual there's no end of things to see and do
Missy Meerkat checks out some mailboxes
Missy Meerkat also checks out a Newbie
Brampton's entry for the BBQ contest - Bacon wrapped Chocolate Roses
These are NOT edible - they're firestarters
Take a hike on some of the trails through Blue Springs Scout Reserve
Gilwell at night ... 
All too soon it's Sunday afternoon and the Reunion is over for another year, leaving only the rental tents standing as sentinels in the fields.  They won't be removed till Monday morning.
Get a sweet treat from a  Tooth Fairy
Strolling the Field
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