2012                  Final Registration  1061
The Blue Springs 
Gilwell Pipes & Drums
Piping the Committee on to the field for an eager audience
Nothing can dampen the spirit
Gilwellians are a hardy bunch
Fields full of fun and games, ... so much to see and do
There's always time to make new friends            .....or to Kick Up your heels
Oshawa Newbies are happy to note that these injuries are only superficial ..as in Painted on.
..and maybe even time for snoozing in the sleeping tents.
..or Time for a sit-me-down
Campfire is held in the field beside Memorial Lane
Honest, it shrunk in my closet!
The 2012 Reunion Committee
The Campaigning is as fierce as usual
The fields are still a good place to meet new and old friends
You can encounter the strangest things at Reunion
... and some are harder to see than others
(Check out the dude in the middle on a dark night)
...then more reunioning and fun, games, shows and sing-songs etc.. 
(Brant put on a great Haunted House)
This year's Longest Standing Gilwellians
Sunday morning Scouts Own in the chapel in the pines
Squeezing in a little shopping in the Keke
Presentations at the closing
Guess who won the Chair's Challenge ... again !!!  Congratulations Brant !
All too soon it's time to pack up and go home ..  till we meet again next Year..... Take Care and Have Good Year!
An Inukshuk (or as the Inuit prefer, an Inuksuk) stands to proclaim that people have been to this place before.
Time to put up the marquee
Strange creatures entice you to their haunts
Yup, mine too!
CLICK HERE to see video of the Human Sling-Shot game 
- just one of the many games presented at this year's Reunion
Barkers beckon you to try their games on Whiskin Field
Brave Gilwellians will try anything - once .. twice if they like it.
As usual Ebor  provides for some serious gaming as well.
You can encounter the darndest things at Reunion
Ominous skies
Skies are clearing -whooHoo
The American flag is hoisted in front of the Ridley Lodge (the H-Hut to the "oldtimers")
Our Canadian Flag is unfurled on the main flagpole beside the KEKE 
The Pipe Band and Colour Party stand at the ready beside the Keke
Turning the steaks is easy with this handy dandy "sandwich" type flipper