After the Electioneering speeches it's time for Tea on the Lawn while folks vote.
Follow the White Rabbit to
the Mad Hatter's Tea (Party)
on the Lawn
... either Whiskin Field
... or Ebor Park
... or the road between them
Suppertime sees activities slowing down on Ebor Park
--they're all busy cooking dinner
Another option is to walk the trails and see the splendour that is Blue Springs Scout Reserve
This group takes advantage of a lull in activities to complete some business ... investing the newest members of their BP Guild
As dusk falls we carry our chairs up to the campfire circle... the best spots go quickly.
Activities on both fields last long into the night, and some campers often stay up to greet the next day
The Tower on Goosepimple Bridge
Goosepimple Pond
Some trails are wheelchair accessible
Meet up with old friends on the fields
Or do a bit of shopping in the Keke



There's a little more time for Games
... and evenutal success
The water in Blue Springs is chrystal clear
A campfire with 1,000+ Scouters is memorable
Lister Hut on Whiskin Field is still Control Central - they will be the last to leave camp.