2011                  Final Registration  1140
<--- 50 Rolls of duct tape later
(actually closer to 65)
      ... and it's ready for testing
then it's open to the rest.
Now we just have to wait in the Parking lot lanes for the gates to open (1PM) to let us on the fields
Friday morning and Blue Heron is begining to fill up with sleeping tents in front of Chickadee.
... and also on the back 40
OK, finally, we're "in" and on the field
The Committee
Although our numbers are slightly down, a good size crowd still attends the ceremonies
There are "Newbies" being led ...
Bring your chair down early to get a good spot for the Opening Ceremonies
..and Newbies roaming on their own.
Longest standing Gilwellian in Attendance 2011
Gilwellians who have held their beads 50 years or more
There are strange sightings on the fields ... it seems the Reunion is full of them
Parchments are again available from the Brownsea U.S. Scouters
Electioneering is rampant as all 6 candidates vie for the 4 open positions



or perhaps a hunt for the 7 dwarves is more up your alley
...  perhaps you'd like to SAW LOGS
(..but try to get the WHOLE slab off)
or maybe you prefer to "saw logs" your own way
..and if vertigo is not a problem, your insurance is paid up, and you like to live dangerously, you might have tried South Lake Simcoe's contribution to the afternoon's activities ... their great Duct Tape Bridge spanning the road between Whiskin and Ebor.

(for details see South Lake Simcoe 2011 in the Attendees Section  ... or click here to go there )
Parking People are Set-up and Ready
Parking looks like a Used Car Lot
..and sometimes Newbies are handcuffed
By the time they
have untangled
the "ties that bind"
Eureeka ...Free at last! .. it's simple
... once you figure out how
They will be good friends
... to each other